Lisa and Derrick’s Blissful Blizzard Wedding

When I first spoke with Lisa and Derrick, I was a little surprised to hear a couple so enthusiastic about getting married in the middle of February. I’m from Maine originally, but even I can’t romanticize a blizzard in Midtown. But somehow, the love radiating from this lovely couple and their families made three inches of snow feel cozy. A rooftop bar to warm up in after a shoot in Central Park helped, too!

Gigi and Brennan’s Winter Wonderland Wedding

Gigi and Brennan were going to have fun on their wedding no matter what. Despite the sleet and snow, they never once stopped smiling. Their love could even warm the coldest Grinch’s heart! The jovial mood carried on to their family and friends who helped make a blizzard into a blast. I felt honored to document it!

Scott and Justin’s Summer Central Park Ceremony

Being caught in the dead of winter, I realize even more how joyous and fun a day Scott and Justin had at their wedding. Not only were they happy to wake up at the crack of dawn to get shots in an empty Central park, they were incredibly generous in sharing their story and emotions while also not being afraid to get silly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my couples and I this summer can create as intimate and exuberant moments!

Greg and Koeun’s Fort Greene Nuptials

For a self-described “boring insurance lawyer,” I would have never guessed Greg and his lovely bride Koeun could throw such a raging party. Merging two worlds, I have rarely seen a room of people laugh or hug more. I’m so thankful to have been able to photograph this intimate and exuberant affair!

Nicola and Jamie’s New York City Elopement

My favorite thing about working with a couple that chooses to elope in the Big Apple is getting to play tourist myself. It’s even better when the couple convinces their closest friends and family to join them, making an intimate escape all the more special. Nicola and Jamie were like kids in a candy store running around the streets of Midtown from Grand Central to the Public Library to Central Park. This happy couple proved love and happiness are the ultimate cure to jet lag!

Claire and Kevin’s Garden Wedding

When you have such a serene pair as Claire and Kevin paired with a secluded, expansive garden you can’t help but feel you’ve stepped out of the pages of a fairytale. And their sweet ceremony in Englewood’s Women’s Club

Anna & Devin: Lovebirds at Midtown Loft

Having photographed weddings for the better part of five years, I have seen a lot of things go awry or couples become frazzled on their wedding day, but never have I seen a pair have more fun than Anna and Devin. The relaxed pair threw a fun party for family and friends, incorporating their loved ones in any way the could from ring warmings and blessings during the ceremony to a raging dance floor and games. But what truly shined on their wedding day was the complete adoration they shared for each other. I have never quite seen a couple smile so much while they kiss, which is the most adorable treat a photographer can find. I don’t even need to wish them many happy years – it’s a given!

Antonina and Sergey’s Brooklyn Fairy Tale

Looking at Antonina or Sergey, the first thing you might see is their undeniable good looks. But once you get to spend time with them together, their undeniable love for one another trumps any pure aesthetic sight between them. While documenting their absolutely spectacular wedding, that is almost all I saw between them. And despite some verbal miscommunications between my lack of Russian and their friend’s heavier accents, it was an absolute joy to share in their special day.

Don and Mina’s Westchester Wedding

Don and Mina, although they met later in life, look at each other with the same puppy love as teenagers and devotion of a couple celebrating decades together. They made their wedding a real family affair, adding to the fun and bridal party size, but what else can you expect being one of seven children? And despite being one of the hottest days of the summer, their ceremony in Sleepy Hollow’s Old Dutch Church – the oldest church in New York State – was relaxed and cool. They turned up the volume at the Mansion on Broadway in North White Plains. I hope the rest of their marriage is as fun as their special day was!

Marie and Sean’s Williamsburg Rooftop Wedding

What happens when a goofball meets her unconditional love? I was thankful to see the result when Marie and Sean joined with their family and friends to commit to each other and party! Honestly, have you ever seen a happier bride?